Welcome to the homepage of James Corcoran, a qualified accountant and freelance financial and economic consultant who specialises in public finance. This website details experience gained over sixteen years as advisor on public finance in Government Ministries throughout Europe and to the European Commission. For further information please see 'Contact Us' area of this website.

James Corcoran

James Corcoran is an honours business studies graduate from Dublin City University (DCU) where he majored in finance for his BBS degree. He is also a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors. James has over fifteen years experience in public finance where he has been engaged as a financial consultant on EU, World Bank, EBRD and client funded projects advising at Ministerial, board and decision making level.

James is a specialist in financial investment appraisal of large capital expenditure projects, especially in the energy, waste and water sectors and has been engaged as a Public Private Partnership (PPP) expert by the EU Commission for a number of years. James also has many years experience advising on the financial aspects of regulation in both the water and energy sectors.

James has worked as Project Manager on a number of large international projects and also has extensive experience of review of internal controls and procedures, both at Ministry and public utility level. James has also been involved in the financial restructuring of a number of electricity utilities and also had a period acting as the Finance Director of the National Grid of the Republic of Georgia .

James has also had an extensive career in JCI (Junior Chamber International) and was proud to be the 48 th National President of JCI Ireland in 2005.




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